New Blogging Goals

I’ve been unhappy with my blog for a long time. This discontent has led to my resistance to post at all until I figure out a clear vision for my blog or rushed and un-thought out posts that I don’t like. That changes now.

I’ve already had my blog go through some changes, such as the new theme and post-categorization. I really wanted a clean look to my blog that’s easy to navigate, so I hope I’ve got that now. Really the aesthetics of the blog aren’t as important as what’s posted, but I still wanted to update the look. It’s fun.

Thanks to Mary‘s help, I’m also using Canva to integrate some visual interest to my posts. I know people are more likely to click on posts with images, but I never really put in the time to create my own before. They won’t be used all the time, but keep your eye out for them.

I’ve also written a new About page. I was never really happy with my old one, and while this one may be tweaked a bit more down the road, I’m a lot happier with it now.

But all of these changes are just the groundwork. I’ve also created some goals for myself as I move forward.

  1. POST CONSISTENTLY!!! My major shortcoming as a blogger is that I don’t post often. I used to post a few times a week, but life got busy, and I let personal writing fall by the wayside as I wrote my thesis.  Right now I want to shoot for a minimum of one solid post a week.
  2. Plan Posts In the past, I never had a plan for what I would write. I just typed whatever came to mind. Now I have a notebook to write down posts as I think of them. This way I can vary the content of my posts and have a backlog of ideas for when I can’t think of something to write.
  3. Edit When I first started this blog I purposefully didn’t edit my posts because the main goal was to become comfortable with others reading my writing and accepting that my writing would never be perfect. Now that I have a lot more confidence in my abilities and comfort with imperfection, I want to have my blog better represent my writing abilities.
  4. Settle on a Name I’ve never been particularly fond of the name of my blog. I’ve changed it a few times already, so I really need to just decide if I’m going to go with what I already have or pick one name that I love and leave it.
  5. Interact More I need to follow more blogs and comment more.  My own laziness has kept me from finding any new blogs over the last year. If you have any recommendations, leave them in the comments!

I’m excited to make this blog into something that I’m more proud of.  Especially as I want to go into more creative careers, I should stop half-assing my side-projects. You never know when a side-project can be used to help forward your career. While my main goal is still to blog for the sheer joy of it, I can’t deny the appeal of showing a well-polished blog off when I apply for jobs where running social media is part of the duties. So anywho, I’m excited for what’s to come on here.


One thought on “New Blogging Goals

  1. Amelia July 28, 2017 / 7:47 pm

    These are great goals, Katie! I’ve always really enjoyed your posts and look forward to reading more of them. 🙂 (Also, I use Canva all the time for my work and LOVE IT!)

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