Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

While I was taking a little break from blogging, Mary from Mary’s Average Adventures nominated me for an award! I’ve adored getting to know Mary through the exchanges on our blogs and through twitter. Everyone should check out her blog because it is absolutely amazing.

Mary’s Questions…


1. What is your first childhood memory?

Oh gosh. This one is hard for me, because I only have hazy memories of my childhood. The first distinct one I have is probably from right before kindergarten started. I was so excited to start school (I didn’t go to preschool), and I wore a dress that my mom made when I went to meet-the-teacher night. It was black and had fruit on it. My teacher was really nice too, but I mostly remember wearing that dress. I had a lot of homemade clothes growing up, and I adored them.

2. What is the one thing you really want to do before you die?

Hmm…I really want to live near mountains. This may seem really trivial, but I’ve only seen the mountains a few times and each time I thought they were beautiful. Where I live and all the states around me are really flat, so I want a change of landscape. I’d also love to try getting into hiking sometime. I love to take long walks, but I would love to kick it up a notch by hiking in the mountains. 

3. If you could have a pocket sized pet, what animal would you choose? It could be any animal, just extremely small.

Is all of them an acceptable answer? I really love animals. I’ve had a strange obsession with pigs for the majority of my life, so it would be really fun to have a tiny tiny pig. [But if mythical creatures count-I totally want a dragon. Some girls were obsessed with unicorns, I was fascinated with fire breathing lizards.]

4. What has been your biggest blogging setback?

I feel like there’s so many. I definitely don’t put enough time into my posts. I know I could write better quality posts, but I’m just lazy. One of my professors recently told me I had the writing skills of a graduate student (keep in mind, I just finished my sophomore year), so I know if I just put more time into my posts I could have more diverse sentence structures, better and more varied vocabulary, and probably more interesting topics with a bit of research. I’m going to try and work on that, but honestly I created this blog to help me get more comfortable with having others read my writing, not to improve it. If  all of that gets to cumbersome, I’ll just keep writing quick little posts.

5. Is there a point in your life that you wish you could put on repeat?

Last semester I started going to a new campus ministry that I feel is a better fit for me. It’s a lot smaller and more socially aware/liberal. The people I’ve met there have been an amazing support system throughout this difficult semester. I think the point in which I realized that was going to be my new spiritual home was in the middle of a bonfire we were having. I felt very accepted and validated despite, or even because of my doubts/questions/beliefs. The community there made me feel important, special, and not like someone that needed fixing or persuaded into certain beliefs for probably the first time. After I left, I was so happy that I actually cried. I would love to put that feeling on repeat. Since then I’ve gotten a lot closer with that community, but that moment was pretty important for me. 


  • Thank your kind nominator
  • Proudly display the award image on you post and blog
  • Answer the 10 questions sent to you
  • Nominate 5 lovely blogs for the award and let them know by linking them to this post
  • Ask them 10 questions too!





Yeah, so I’m going to break the rules on this and just nominate three bloggers because I need to get better at interacting with my fellow bloggers. Look! An extra blogging set back that I need to work on!


1- What is your favorite book?

2-Why did you start blogging?

3-What is your favorite part of blogging?

4-If you could live anywhere in the world, where would you live?

5-What is your favorite thing to do when you just need some time for yourself?


Thanks again for the nomination Mary!


6 thoughts on “Sisterhood of the World Bloggers Award

  1. Mary June 5, 2015 / 1:31 am

    Blogging and laziness seem to go hand in hand for some reason haha! I totally understand that one.

    • Katie June 5, 2015 / 4:10 pm

      I know! You would think that if I was going to take the time to have a blog, I would be more willing to put in the extra effort, but no. I just write something up real quick and hit publish.

      • Mary June 7, 2015 / 5:23 pm

        I do that ALL the time, I totally understand.

  2. thehopefulwayfarer June 6, 2015 / 3:51 pm

    Thanks for the nomination! It’s definitely not easy to post high-quality, 100% effort posts all the time. I don’t (I’m lazy sometimes when it comes to blogging too, haha), and it’s ultimately your blog so you can do whatever you want with it. 🙂

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