A Letter to my Future Self

So a while back I did a Letter to my 13 Year Old Self. I really liked writing that post and have been considering doing others like it for a while now. So I guess since I started with a letter to my past, a letter to my future seems like a logical next step. This letter isn’t to any specific point in my future, just my future self in general. So anyways-here it goes!

Dear Future Me,

I hope you’ve found a career that you’re happy in. Ever since we started thinking we were going to major in English, people have been telling us that we’re are going to be perpetually unemployed or working as a barista or something. Present Katie is just gonna make a few assumptions about what that might be. I think your career will have some connection to helping others as that’s always been really important to you. I hope it still is. I also hope it provides a steady paycheck that allows you to be self-sufficient. You grew up with unsteady amounts of money in the house and it always made you want a career that guaranteed stability. I hope you have cool coworkers, because really, even a boring job can be great if the people you work with are great.

I hope you’ve gotten to/get to travel. College Katie has a serious case of wanderlust, and honestly, I hope it never went away. The world is a huge and beautiful place and I believe that we are meant to see it. I hope you still believe that too.

I hope you still have great friends. I’ve got some now, but you have a terribly tendency to push people away after a few years. I hope I’ve learned from my past and you don’t do it in my future. This is probably the first time you’ve truly started to feel accepted with an entire group of people. I hope it continues on and you all still keep in touch no matter where your future selves lead you.

I hope you are taking care of your physical health. I know at times, we motivate ourself to  eat well and (try to) work out in the hopes that it will help us lose weight, but honestly there are more important benefits to what you have been trying to do than weight loss. Your body size should be a side effect to your lifestyle, not the cause. Please remember to do as much as you can to being healthy. I know you want to live a long life, this is the way to help with that.

I hope you have a strong faith. Right now it’s a little shaky, but I hope we can work through this rough patch and truly start to love God unconditionally. I believe faith is important, it’s just hard to have right now. I hope we learn some things that make us live out our lives as a daughter of Christ everyday.

If you have started to venture into the world of romantic love, I hope you haven’t settled. Compromise is important to a relationship, but please don’t settle.  Don’t deal with some guy’s crap just because you think you are lucky to have him love you. You and your heart have value. Remember that. So I hope you find yourself an honest, kind, intelligent, and loving Christian man to help you journey through life. Remember to help him too. A romantic relationship is a partnership.

In short, I hope you’re flourishing in whatever it is you’re doing. If not, I at least hope you are content.

With Much Love,



2 thoughts on “A Letter to my Future Self

  1. gettingthroughanxiety December 8, 2014 / 10:58 pm

    I know what it’s like for people to not believe you can be successful as an English major since I’m one too and have heard the same thing. However, as long as your driven and talented, you’ll do great. I think it’s amazing that you want to help others and writing a blog is a great step!

    • Katie December 11, 2014 / 10:13 pm

      Thanks! The longer I’m in college, the more I realize that no matter what decision you make, people will be both encouraging and discouraging. You’ve just got to do what’s best for you.

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