The Battle of Algiers

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Wow. Okay. I watched this movie for my postcolonial lit. class. Wow. Let me say, it was a difficult movie to sit through. The Battle of Algiers is about none other than the Battle of Algiers. I went into it not really knowing anything about the struggle between France and Algeria, and while I still don’t have a ton of historical information, I certainly got a bit of a feel for what the violence looked like. It was gruesome. The torture scenes were horrific to watch even if they were brief. Scenes of taking bodies out of the rubble after an explosion were heartbreaking.

The film itself was very well produced, but the content was just too difficult for me. That’s not to say I don’t think I should have watched it. Watching this movie gave me more context to help me understand the books we are reading in my class, again, it was just incredibly difficult to get through. Because of this, I wouldn’t exactly say I reccomend this movie, but none the less, I do believe it’s important.

I know this post was really brief, but I’ve gotten behind on writing about the movies and books I’ve completed, so things are getting fuzzy.


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