Princess Jellyfish (Kuragehime)

So I just finished Princess Jellyfish, and I must say that it was an absolute delight. It was so good that I watched all eleven episodes within a twenty-four hour period. (really, that’s not that big of a feat, but whatever) Anyways, there was a lot that I loved about this anime.

First of all-the characters.Tsukimi, the jellyfish fanatic and protagonist, is simply adorable.

Look at that face. Isn’t she cute?
I really identify with Tsukimi in this moment. I won’t tell you what happened so I don’t spoil anything.


Her counterpart, Kuranosuke the cross-dresser,  is pretty great and spews some pretty spectacular wisdom from time to time. I also thoroughly enjoy his relationship with Tsukimi and wish I could see more of it.

Clothes are officially to be seen as amor from this point on.

The rest of the characters are interesting enough as well. From the sisterhood (Tsukimi’s roommates, each with their own obsession) to Shuu (Karanosuke’s brother), to the driver, developer, karanosuke’s father, and everyone else the viewer’s meet, there is a wonderful cast of supporting characters.

What I really love about this anime is it’s approach to what it calls being a “princess”. See, Tsukimi and her roommates are super nerdy and believe those that they call the “stylish” are completely different from them. Tsukimi doesn’t see herself as a princess, but the anime goes on to show her that “every girl is born princess. Some of us just forget is all.” (sorry, I don’t remember what episode that was from.) And you know what, even if you happen to be male, you can be a princess too.  You can be “a very strong, very beautiful male princess” like Kuranosuke. I just think that’s great.

Kuranosuke’s attitude towards his cross-dressing hobby.

I do wish the ending had a bit more closure. I’m really picky about endings and always crave a good amount of closure. I’m sure if the manga goes on, so I may just have to make time to read it and see what happens with my beloved Tsukimi.

And while there are more things that I enjoyed, and a few things I disliked (nothing that really took away from the enjoyment of watching this anime, just issues I wish they had addressed but didn’t), I don’t want to give away too much, so all I will say is that if you watch anime (or even if you don’t) check out Princess Jellyfish.



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